How to place an order step by step

  1. Submit the form and send it to us via email.
  2. We negotiate the best prices for you and prepare an estimate alongside ETA.
  3. You receive the estimate and wait for the ETA confirmation.
  4. You make a payment for your order.
  5. We proceed with the order and consolidate the goods in our warehouse in China.
  6. We thoroughly verify the order for compliance.
  7. We calculate the total weight and dimensions (CBM / volumetric weight depending on the type of transport).
  8. Once you pay the cost of delivery, we send your order.
  9. The customs agency contacts you to proceed with customs and tax clearance.
  10. You pay the customs and tax costs.
  11. Your order is delivered by a courier or freight forwarder.

How to browse products at 1688

The website is only available in Chinese. Thanks to the following guidelines, you will learn how to search for products at 1688 even when you don’t speak Chinese.

  1. Google Chrome – the browser has the ‘Translate’ feature. All you need to do is click the right button and select ‘Translate into [language]’ in the context menu.
  2. Search images – 1688 has an integrated search engine that enables the user to search by image. It’s like Google’s one. When you have an image saved on your computer, click the camera icon, and select the image. Searching by image is convenient and quick – it takes less than 10 seconds.
  3. Google translate – translate the keywords into Chinese and then search them at 1688.

Is it possible to add manuals?

Yes. Optionally, we can add manuals, the EAN code, the importer’s information; or repackage the goods etc. after we verify your order for compliance.

Is there any confirmation of the order?

Yes. Once the order is sent, you receive an email confirmation that includes the shipping number, tracking URL, commercial invoice, the packing list, and other documents required to pass the customs clearance seamlessly (e.g. CE).

Terms and conditions

  1. Wholesale orders are available for registered business entities only.
  2. We ship to all the countries in the world. We also ship to Amazon FBA warehouses and other fulfillment warehouses all over the world.
  3. We do not provide shipping services ourselves. We are not a shipping company.
  4. We do not import counterfeit products or any other goods that violate copyright laws.
  5. Before you place an order, you should verify if any Declarations of Conformity, special markings etc. are required. We need such information as the importer’s obligations vary depending on the country.
  6. You should get familiar with the list of goods that are considered dangerous or problematic in transport. These may include batteries, explosives, liquids, loose products etc. We only import such goods as FCL (Full Container Loads).


Do not hesitate to reach out! Send us a message or call us, we will be happy to assist you.