We are located in China

China is a place we know really well. We are familiar with Chinese culture, as well as business etiquette. We have been here for ages; thus, we know where to find the cheapest goods of high quality. As we are treated like a local Chinese company, we are offered lowered MOQ and prices than e.g. Alibaba.com and other platforms. In order to fully meet our clients’ needs, we have bought a modern warehouse located in the very center of Chinese trade. Having our own warehouse is an option for us to consolidate orders from all regions of China at low prices.

We speak perfect Chinese (and English)

Our team of professionals consists of both native British, German and Chinese. We fluently speak English, German and Chinese (both Mandarin and Cantonese). Collaboration with us is simple, quick, and seamless. We have been exporting and importing from China for ages. During all those years, we have completed hundreds of export orders. We know our competitors and all the rules of the game. We only hire full-time professionals to make sure we deliver services of the highest quality. Sourcing products from China is what we know best! We accept payments in the Chinese Yuan (CNY) which means there is no unnecessary middleman – the US dollar – involved. The currency spread is minimized which optimizes your total costs.

We aren’t afraid of challenges

We proceed with orders hard to complete for our competitors. Every day we work on orders that are impossible to handle remotely from outside of China due to the time difference. foreign importers from China usually face both time and language differences, as well as cultural barriers. If you have any experience with China sourcing, you know that might be a nightmare. You have to wait a full day or longer to get the answer to your question or request. We usually handle multiple items from several manufacturers within one order. This way, we are able to minimize costs – we easily consolidate orders from various vendors.

Cost optimization

We make your wholesale from China as easy as 1, 2, 3. Thanks to us, you save money:

  • 1 bank transfer is all you have to make. You don’t have to spend money making international bank transfers to various suppliers. You only deal with 1 supplier – us. Also, you don’t pay any customs clearance.
  • The currency spread is minimized – we make payments in local currency. No US dollar is involved in transactions.
  • Transport – we consolidate shipments so that you can optimize your transport costs.
  • Time – finally, you save so much time! We handle everything for you – from browsing the right products and manufacturers, through negotiations, processing an order, consolidation, repacking (if needed), labeling (including adding manuals), ending at CE FCC etc. and Declaration of Conformity and hassle-free customs clearance and transport from China.


Dealing with a 3rd party – an experienced 1688 sourcing agent – is much more cost-effective than importing goods on your own from Chinese suppliers. When you import from China directly from a supplier, it is more likely you encounter the following:

  • Customs inspection (it costs approx. $50 and takes > 1 hour),
  • No export license at the supplier (cost: $60),
  • Loss / theft / damage.

With us, this risk is eliminated. We handle it for you!


Do not hesitate to reach out! Send us a message or call us, we will be happy to assist you.